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Post by admin aka andy on Thu Apr 09, 2009 5:32 pm

Rule's of andy&rileys forum, Ok welcome thankyou for joining this site or visting.

Rule 1. Please try not to be rude or offensive to orther members.

Rule 2. If you say something and it offend's someone please try and edit your post or if you are strong by what you have posted please talk to the mods,admins,mini mods, or more.

Rule 3. Swearing is not allowed only the very minimal.

Rule 4. If someone is bothering you just come to the admins,mods,super mods,and mini mods and this member will be banned immediately or orther.

Rule 5. Sex is not allowed only the word not the detail because it may offend orther members or more.

Rule 6. If you get banned try not to make another account until you are let back on, I will try to give everybody are second chance but if you blow it there you will be banned for good. Thank you for reading this post. Smile

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